our response to covid-19

epluno™ retro fits defective N95 masks,
that have been sitting in storage in response to the national N95 mask shortage.

ePL (3rd Party Logistics)

Some call it 3PL, we call it ePL (epluno™ Logistics). This is our global logistics division. This includes supply chain management from sourcing to delivery. 

Business Development & Sales

We help you build your catalog. We understand the need to be adaptive in this current environment and that means being able to add or change to your current stock. This also includes marketing assistance and building your brand. 

Apparel Decoration & Fulfillment

We began as a uniform company, and with that comes fulfilment, apparel decoration, and warehousing services. Our state-of-the-art commercial production facility means we can produce branded material in-house and make custom items for your business. 

srcd: A Turnkey Approach to Headless Commerce

Our e-commerce solutions are what truly set us apart. While other companies may provide sourcing and coordinate with vendors, we put it all together in a revolutionary way. 


A custom solution that makes ordering easy.

These days epluno™ does more than help organizations buy branded apparel. We offer you a fully supported and branded platform to purchase P.P.E., safety gear, and, decorated apparel, we have SO many ways to support your organization

Built specifically for you.

Leave the back end to us. We’ll set up a customized online store—all you have to do is share the link in a newsletter, on your school’s website, or wherever else parents and administrators connect.

Wrong items, missing orders, technical issues?

Our customer service team handles returns, shipping, order tracking, and customer questions. We take on the responsibility —so you can focus on what really matters.

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Creating an ordering program has never been easier.

When it comes to maintaining a purchasing program, you have many choices. epluno™ makes it easy.

Step 1 - Tell us about your organization

Tell us about your organization, with our easy to use Project Planner. Don't worry, when you sign up there is no obligation.

Step 2 - Chat with Us

Once you're signed up, an epluno™ account manager will be in touch. We'll help you go over all of the details regarding pricing, whether your solution requires apparel, PPE, or other safety equipment. We want to know how to stock your store.

Step 3 - Select & Confirm

When you're ready to move forward, we’ll set up your customized online store just for you. The entire process, from initial consultation to delivery, can take as few as 5 to 7 weeks.

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a new kind of enterprise solution

epluno™ is a full-service e-commerce, fulfillment, & 3rd party logistics company. 
We create complete enterprise solutions.

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COVID-19 Response: 

epluno™ has always sought to be a company that puts its customers first. Never has that been more apparent than during the 2020 pandemic. Our relationships with medical uniform and school uniform suppliers, we have been afforded the unique position to now offer p.p.e. and safety equipment to our customers. 

In an effort to support the businesses and organizations we work with everyday. We now provide a wide range of safety gear & personal protective equipment. To join our email list to receive updates on the p.p.e. we have available, please sign up here.

Easy to use website

Custom Business E-COMMERCE SOlutions
Customer Service & TECHNICAL support

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Earn Revenue, Effortlessly.

and put your uniform program to work

At a time when every revenue stream matters, epluno™ is an easy, efficient, and effortless way to earn money for your school or organization.

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Who's epluno anyway?

e pl uribus un um

“out of many, one”

epluno™ is a tech company located in Miamisburg, Oh. Founded by Paul Scapatici with a goal of bringing the power of innovative technology to organizations as well as providing a wide variety of other support structures to help your business succeed.

epluno™ started in 2012 with the idea that we could reimagine the school apparel space. In doing so we found ourselves developing solutions not just for schools, but for any size organization.

Since then, we have developed two solid platforms, including their most recent enterprise solution: srcd. In 2019, in an effort to bring fulfillment in-house, we opened a commercial apparel decoration facility with the ability to warehouse, screen print, and embroider large orders all on site.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, using our relationships in the medical uniform space as well as with school apparel manufacturers, epluno™ expanded our business again to supply PPE to front-line workers, businesses, and other organizations. Time and time again, epluno™ has found ourselves adapting to the need of businesses, and continuing to evolve into the organization support powerhouse we are today.

Whatever your business goals, epluno™ can help you get there.

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epluno™ takes the hassle of ordering off your hands.

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